The Allegorical Dance of Death

Let us dance:

Your black hole-shoes in my direction,
one step
your hand of fire wants to give affection
two step
I whirl around, gently, steady
shoes with stars all sparkled and ready
three step step

stop. bow/curtsy.

My hair shines and lights like a sun with curls
my dress is white with thousands of sea pearls
four step step
Your suit of death smells like cold, black bones
and when you swing, your hips are like gravestones
stop. step.

Macabre. Glare. The way your eyeballs stare.
I didn`t even know how I could dare
to dance floor with Mr. Perished share.

The Allegorical Dance of Death
a dance scare.

Now my hands begin to sweat. I feel regret.

Re-gret gret, Re-gret gret, Re-gret.


The Tree of Life

With roots of old, an ancient stem

I, in a dream once saw this gem:
This mighty tree that stretched to air,
and looked so strong and very rare.

Its roots dug down to core of Earth
reminded me of ancient worth
its leafs all true and vital signs
of life’s most sacred, purest lines.

Its lights all shone like stars above
and made me feel the oldest love:
The one we need to feel inside
and never were supposed to hide.

I heard this voice, it touched my pride:
-Find your inner guide.

“The Tree of Life”
Published and made on video on YouTube.

Crystal Cave

It glimmered as I saw it,

this light and cryptic wave:
a sacred space of crystals
I found inside a cave.

The crystals were these secret rooms
with lights inside each one
and all of them were special
made in the sign of sun.

And then I saw this greatest thing,
the crystals carried texts
I saw these ancient symbols
a language quite perplexed.

At last, I found the answer
in middle of the room
a little book with ancient signs
inside this age-old tomb.

But knowledge, stay forbidden!
I’m scared of ancient truths!
I want to stay in status quo
and hide these sacred proofs!

So, I went home and hid my tracks
I never told a soul
and rest is story – how you found
this poem in a scroll.

“Crystal Cave”
Published and made on video on YouTube

Quantum Balance

Let me walk in grass
just one more time
only once
since the waters have flooded
and the air is like crisp
I just want to lay down
on Mother Earth`s back
and embrace her
for now I understand
I see the stars
and the eternity.

Where civilization once lay
a seed once screamed
out to the eternal realm
to be born again
to be allowed to fight
its way through mud
through death and darkness
and so it did.

This sensation of freedom
is all that we have left.
Give me my own heart
my own freedom of choice.

The possibilities are made
out of endless little threads
step on one, on another
feel how the law of order
consequence acts
in heart and mind,
in experience
cause this is the reason
for our mere belonging.
This it is.
Nothing more, in its mathematical

Nothing more.
The equation says it all.

The rest you may read
between the signs
and particles.


The Queens of Fate.

Oh, man sits on bench
and waits, and waits, and waits
and no one knows why
he waits – maybe for those
three queens of fate, for
knowledge of current state.

Rain pours, and hits all
over face and dress that
only knows black in grace
and no one knows why
he waits, and waits, and
only stares out in space.

But fate is wise, and
only one of three of
women of fate, or queens
comes out to him from
castle grim and gives
him one of her ears.

In hymn and song he hears
of tale of tears, and
no one knows why he
waits, and waits, and waits
for words he fears and hates.
What did the hymns create?



This place with sounds
like feathered tears of crystals
silently hushing jingles.

A smell of soft moist,
when I breathe in,
my lungs reflect on
the tinkling touch
of blushing clouds.

While I`m blind:
this world of glittered voices
secretly signing contracts
of treasured moments,
this crunching sound of
wet ink on dry leafs.

The sound of wings
made of cob-web in waves,
and these songs like pearls
with reflections of rainbows,
when the wind swings
in a nostalgic mood,
and when they all stop
to listen to the stars
and to the future
they are building.

Air built up,
of World of Colors,
all my senses
push me backwards,
I am embraced
in the etheric fire,
the one that makes
your eyes
into illuminating

This Star Portal

How this portal
gleams in its frames,
constantly giving us the hopes
for our own survival
and not only that
but for our freedom
in great safety.How can we be free
when we have to fight?
How can we be safe
when we have to fear?

Look at those frames
in this Star Portal,
let it speak the truth
of your own ancestry.