Quantum Balance

Let me walk in grass
just one more time
only once
since the waters have flooded
and the air is like crisp
I just want to lay down
on Mother Earth`s back
and embrace her
for now I understand
I see the stars
and the eternity.

Where civilization once lay
a seed once screamed
out to the eternal realm
to be born again
to be allowed to fight
its way through mud
through death and darkness
and so it did.

This sensation of freedom
is all that we have left.
Give me my own heart
my own freedom of choice.

The possibilities are made
out of endless little threads
step on one, on another
feel how the law of order
consequence acts
in heart and mind,
in experience
cause this is the reason
for our mere belonging.
This it is.
Nothing more, in its mathematical

Nothing more.
The equation says it all.

The rest you may read
between the signs
and particles.



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