The Ice Queen’s Daughter 3

She first realized it was a stone wall there when her foot repeatedly hit it some times. The wind had grown again, and the last kilometer had been without sight. She took out a hand, just to feel the surface of the stone, when she suddenly saw some light to the left.

This was it, then? This was the end of her life as Lucy. Wonderful wife, mother of deep happiness, now was her time to go.

The entrance was filled with soft light, and the warmth both touched her with a sensual delight as well as stinging pain in cheeks and hands. She could feel how the forehead started to relax, her hair slowly melting, and how her feet screamed in great pain.

But she didn’t anticipate her knees` reaction. When she understood that she was safe, it was as if her system shut down, she needed rest, whatever the cost.

A thought appeared from the front of her head. She was in grave danger and needed to get away. This cave was far from enough, and who was in it?

But she didn’t care. What if the cave belonged to the Dark Hunters. She could not continue anymore, and had to rest. Therefore, she let herself drift, into the mystic realms of fog and ancient taken paths.


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