The Ice Queen`s Daughter 2

It was a flash in the night sky that made her continue. Her feet now felt like ice blocks and her body wanted to give up, to rest in the eternal snow without the pain. But the flash made her feel like she stood a chance. That if only she managed to get to that cliff over there, she didn`t need to think about the snow anymore. The wind made the fur into little needles of ice, stinging her in the face. She tried to dig her head further down into the cape. Now, the hood didn`t even help, it just carried cold echoes of icy wind inside of her cape, further into her body and soul.

She couldn`t count the time anymore. Her head went all blurry and the thoughts wandered back to when she was free, and safe. Or so she believed. But what was freedom anyway?

Even though you are caught into a cage, it doesn`t matter if you don`t know.

The day when she was ready. Her dress was filled with mystic symbols and runes and powerful herbs all embroidered into the soft fabric. Fabric that reminded them all of gentle snow, or so was it supposed to symbolize. Her shoes made of embroidered greens, symbolizing all growth underneath the ice and snow. The growth that they were all waiting for. It could return any day. You just never knew.

The sensation of him. How he was strong and powerful and how she loved to hear him pant over her, how he made her feel complete, how she enjoyed him and their moments together. He even tried to make her feel better all the time, he wanted her to feel great as well. And she did.

So, what happened? She didn`t even understand why she was here.


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