The Ice Queen`s Daughter

Snow covered the mountain tops, and the stars, almost competing about sparkling the most, looked down at her. Lucy covered her frozen ears with the hood, and tucked herself in her cape. The fur around her neck gave warmth as her breath steamed into the air, leaving small traces of life.

Why are you so sad?

The question almost overwhelmed her. Trying not to think about feelings at all, Lucy felt it like a piece of ice covered her heart. Trying to feel anything made it possible for her heart to move, and the pain, the unbearable pain would almost force her to give up.

I have to keep going! 

She almost couldn`t feel her feet anymore, or her steps for that matter. It was quiet around her, she could walk as slow as she wanted, as long as she continued to walk.

The view, though, was fabulous. How could something so terrible, be such a wonder? How was that even possible to feel joy in a moment like this?
Where was she supposed to go? She didn`t even recognize her own fatigue, and how the energy got drained from her body.

That she secretly wanted to just, relax a little in the snow…


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