Dearest Astronaut

Dearest Astronaut,
how is it to prepare,
to wait for all that time
and maybe never get to go there?

How is it when you`re chosen
when training starts again
when you get to know of
where you`ll go, and when?

Do you ever think of time,
how long you`ll be away?
Do you think of all the distances
your loss of Earth`s great days?

Are you ever, somewhat scared?
It`s a lot of engine, right?!
Do you even then reflect upon
that you may have to fight for life?

What about the loss of air?!
I mean, it`s a vacuum out there!
do you get claustrophobic
after yearlong trips everywhere?

And what you`ll get to know,
I mean, is it like we`ve heard?
are there only rocks and dust out there
or are things we learn absurd?

But, Dearest Astronaut,
Now, I thank you for your time,
I`ll let you then go back to work
to star clusters climb!



Victoria Udnæs


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